The primary goal is to heal the heart-spirit, then we make the body healthy. We heal ourselves and others and deepen the happiness and joy of living.

All disorders, whether originally psychological or organic, can be treated by this method.

Reiki is greater than our concerns for time, money and power. It is our magical tool, offering us strength, calm and light of mind. It will always be working on re-balancing even if we are not entirely aware of it.

A basic principle of the system of Reiki is that everyone and everything is a natural healer.

“Every existence has a healing power.”

Mikao Usui – Reiki Ryoho Hikkei

Other principles are:

  • holding the healing space – whole process of facilitating the clients opportunity for healing – creating and maintaining suitable environment – not just physical, but also emotional and energetic
  • safe and relaxing psychological “inner space”, in which the individual can heal themselves with Reiki assistance
  • intense energy goes through practitioner to a human and other living being
  • no use medicines or medical equipment, only focusing on the eyes andĀ breathing, attachingĀ hands, tapping and stroking

During the Reiki treatment the pure flow of energy is realigned within the body. It washes down, clears obstructions and strengthen the flow of energy.

All illnesses can be treated with Reiki, even though it is impossible to predict outcome. Reiki helps to deal with acute and also chronic illness. It works with acute problems as a first-aid tool, it offers pain relief while attempting to return body to its most natural state.