At the base of all Reiki treatments is intent. Both practitioners and clients can support their treatments by working consciously with intent. When working with energy, the base of this energy needs to be crystal clear. At the very base of this energy is intent.

reiki treatmentDuring the treatment practitioners and clients need to let go of judging sensations and focusing on outcomes.

“May my client receive whatever it is that he/she needs at this exact moment in his/her life.”

Mikao Usui

The purpose of a Reiki treatment is to support healing, help with mental clarity and pain relief, to feel relaxed and more deeply connected to one’s spiritual nature.

Reiki cleares and enhances energy according to the needs of the body. As a non-diagnostic practice, it helps the body to get back into balance. Note that on the way to that state, there may be experienced temporary discomfort, such as some symptoms slightly exagerrated.