Reiki is one of the safest, non-invasive and low-impact healing methods. It happens because Reiki is based on non-dualistic energy. It means that practitioner does not need to believe in it to obtain good results.

From a Reiki perspective, an unbalance of our energy is caused by our words, thoughts and actions. It is commonly known that our previous thoughts and actions influence our state of health in present.

“As we think, so we become.“

The things we did, said and thought sowed their seeds for our present circumstances. Illness and difficulty in our lives are caused by our previous negative actions, actions from former lives as well as this life (this state of mind it is called previous and present Karma).

Genetic proclivity is telling us what kind of genes we inherit. One side is where we have a body which is well, another where the body is a subject to illness and injury.

Types of food and drink we ingest are in the group of outer influences. Certain foods and substances have good and others have harmful effect on our bodily systems, but it is our decision which way we choose.

The last very important element from a Reiki perspective is our environment. We are talking about the energetic environments that we choose to live in. The people we live with, the friends we have and the job we have – all of these have direct effect on our health and peace of mind.

three diamondsOur three energetic centres, called The Three Diamonds, correspond to the energy of Earth, Heaven and Heart. When we are balanced and well, a complete picture of balance is revealed, but our negative thoughts and actions result in illness and disharmony. We need to purify all obstacles in our life. Give up harmful words, thoughts and actions and replace them with positive words, thoughts and actions.