Me, Andrew Lyczewski

My first contact with Reiki took place in 2000. After several years of study and practise as a Physiotherapy Technician, this new method (for me then) aroused my interest.

Few years before I had a chance to learn and practice The Tibetian massage, which was nothing more than “bioenergotherapic massage”.

Work with energies interested me more and more. Doing recepturology, accupressure, classical massage in daily professional practise, I began to wonder about how this new method will extend my skills and effectiveness.

The meeting with Reiki master resulted in the initiation of the first degree and a few months later the second degree.


My certificate

My feelings about effectiveness of the method proved to be accurate. During daily practice, I clearly felt radiant heat flowing out of my hands. The patients also felt the impact of a stronger and better therapeutic effect. It was a turning point in my life, not only professional but also personal.

Conscious sharing of universal energy with my family, beloved dog, patients and all beings around me started to bring me so much joy, that I follow this road to the present day.

I can say that my first contact and initiation with Reiki (first and second degree) was a western style of Reiki. When I met Sue and learned about Reiki evolution, I felt reborn. I was encouraged to explore and study the basic elements of the original system of Mikao UsuiI followed a path based largely on intuition ,daily meditation and following the rules, which is what I have always looked for. More than three years ago, when I entered the path of the Master/Teacher level, it was just next step for me. I had a great thirst for new knowledge and nothing has changed to the present day.