healthy personIn our daily life scenarios and our daily interactions we need to remember one important thing:

“Anything can be healed.”

Using Reiki as a protective shield

Just imagine that you are wearing an invisible layer of clothing protecting you from all the energies flying around. Being more protected, more grounded, less likely to react from emotional place, it all will be incredibly beneficial for you. Setting the intention to protect yourself and inviting only positive energies it is the way to create a protective field around you. Your primary thought is:

“I do not want any negative energies.”

Increase energy using Reiki

The basic intention is to allow Reiki to begin to flow. When you feel that your body feels fatigue, try to stimulate your immune system and your own KI energy.

How can you do that

Set the intention to feel awake, focused and energized. If you know the location of the chakras – energetic centres at your body – try to rebalance them. Boost the energy up, feel the benefits of Reiki. Send Reiki to your meal and get the most out of the nutritions in it. Build the protective shield from what you do not want from offered food – all of added hormones, fillers, etc. – don’t mind if it’s called organic or not.

The same way Reiki is working with your vitamins, supplements and medications. If you want to get the most out of the benefits of your vitamins, supplements and medicines, just do believe that Reiki and medicine can coexist.

Again set the intention to feel good and accept only the positive healing benefits – this is a basic rule to feel healthy and happy.

Reiki is a beautiful gift, anytime you channel Reiki, whether in person or via distance, you receive a Reiki healing session as well. You can send Reiki at any time to someone or to any situation. Using it while driving can be used for protection, can help you to avoid traffic jams or just find a parking spot.

workReiki and your workplace

In our everyday life, we spend most of the day at work. Maybe you have moody boss, chaotic office or just the work needs to be done.

First step: shield yourself with Reiki.

Second step: set up a Reiki box around you.

Third step: place shield around people to help them down and keep negative energy away.

Another examples of using Reiki

Meetings or confrontations

Just send the Reiki energy, create the space full of understanding, space of love, space where the energy can really pulse, space with positive energy.

gardenProtecting our homes, place of business and our surroundings

Reiki ritual can protect, clean, shield and guard our homes, work places and everyday surrounding areas. It is used to clear all this places from unwanted, harmful or dense energies. It creates places that are sealed, clear, full of happines and love. If any emotionally charged events occurred, Reiki can be a perfect tool to clear all the bad energy.

Reiki ritual creates a safe space for healing, counselling, meditation, prayer and for everyday living.