Together with veterinary treatments, as a form of complementary therapy, Reiki can accelerate the healing process and ease the pain, even after traumatic situation (abuse, neglect, hitting by car or bike). ItĀ helps to reduce side effects of other treatments (veterinary surgery), to relax and reduce stress, anxiety, nervousness or hyperactivity.

Reiki as a healing energy will never harm you or your pet. It can be applied to many kinds of animals.

The quicker you respond to any problems with your animal, the quicker their return to health and balance will be.

Is your animal

  • hyperactive?
  • nervous?
  • recovering from illness or surgery?
  • injured?
  • experiencing behavioural problems?
  • exhausted after long journey?

Are you going to be

  • happy person?
  • peaceful?
  • relaxed?
  • healthy?
  • stress free?

If you want to achieve these goals, your animal wants it too!