self discoveryIf you are ready to begin journey of life, ready to discover the real meaning of life, Reiki (especially combined with meditation) can be your perfect companion.

Reiki has a natural power to effect our mind and beneficial results for those who give as well as for those who receive it. It is the way to find out that YOU and YOU alone are responsible for the imbalance between your dream life and bad daily habits that drain life from that dream. When you are in an out of balance state, it is caused primarily by you, because you energetically allowed your habits to define your life. Those habits are powered by the energy you give them.

Reiki as a universal energy can rebalance your thoughts, because thoughts are mental energy.

Peace is a higher and faster energy – when are you in a state of peace, you can realign your position or state to achieve a better one. Reiki is a tool to become a peace-maker.

Reiki can help you to make being in balance with The source of creation the first and primary priority in your life. It will show you the way to slow yourself down by relaxing your mind. Go for a walk with your loved one, tell him/her how much you treasure him/her in your life, be compassionate and grateful for every blessing in your life!

Remember: Every thought you have about yourself has an energetic component. If you look only for positive things in others, it will change your habitual way of noticing what you don’t like.