A few examples of good feedback received this year:

“Andrew makes me feel better in my body and in my home. His skills are unique and worth to recommend to all of us waiting for crucial changes in life.”
Grace [ family counsellor ]

“First of all, thank you for specific cleansing of the place of my work. I must admit I was sceptical about your method. Now I know something good you make works and this is most important.”
Roman [ strategy director ]

“During treatment: feeling thirsty, feeling need to gulp, temporary tightening in the throat, feeling need to breathe deep, temporarily feeling heaviness in the chest area. After treatment: feeling very relaxed, feeling balanced, more healthy, feeling light, feeling sleepy. In overall I feel much better now. With my illness sometimes I feel very good which can change within minutes. I will definitely do it again.”
Kate [ plane crew member ]

“On Tuesday morning I was really bad. I had sore throat and thought I was ill. After the first dose of energy from you, in the evening on Wednesday, I woke up and felt not very good, but definitely better than previous morning. In the evening, when I was lying in bed, I felt warmth in my hands. Normally I have cold hands. After that, on Thursday morning, I felt really well. Sore throat ended. I was able to enjoy concert :-)”
Alica [ student ]