Those who work with Japanese practise of the system of Reiki are already familiar with the term energetic system. In fact, we have three energetic centres and they are called the three diamonds. These three dimonds correspond to the energy of earth, heaven and heart. By linking all three diamonds, we are creating unity and balance.

Always try to remain in communion with heaven and earth, then universe will appear in its true light.

If you perceive the true form of heaven and earth, you will be enligthened to your own true self.

Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido

Reiki is a tool to clear the body, mind and heart and improve the flow of Ki. When the stagnant Ki moves, the body reacts. These reactions are what we know as ill health. When the body needs to move something you call yourself “sick”. Our body needs to continue the clearing process, to return itself to naturally balanced state. When we are talking about clearing process, we mean not only physical state but also emotional/mental state.

Reiki is compatible with our allies from the mineral world and it is equally helpful with our green allies from the plant world. Herbs and trees are powerful for healing and transformation.

Herbal medicine and Reiki – if you use herbs in your regular health regime, you empower your herbal remedies with the power of Reiki.

Aromatherappy, flower essences, crystal grid, stone therapy and another can be enhanced by the energy of Reiki.

Using Reiki on anything amplifies its natural healing qualities and minimize any impurities.